FAQ (Supplier)

Program Benefits

Supply Chain Finance program benefits include early payment, reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), an infusion of working capital and access to an alternate source of financing (liquidity).
Suppliers who have enrolled find the program financially advantageous, especially where payment is received early so that they have working capital to pay their suppliers and (or) buy raw materials.

Program Enrollment

To start the enrollment process, Suppliers need to sign and provide a Supplier Data Form and Incorporation documents. hyperclick will then ask Suppliers to sign a Receivables Purchase Agreement that allows the sale of receivables to hyperclick. On the web-based platform, an Electronic Services Agreement will also need to be completed as part of the enrollment process. Additional documents may include the Implementation Forms and relevant legal documentations.
Upon receipt of your completed Supplier Data Form and Articles of Incorporation/Certificate of Formation, hyperclick will prepare and email the legal documents with any additional forms for your review and execution. Depending on jurisdiction, hyperclick performs a lien search on the Supplier enrolling in the program to ensure that a third party does not already have a lien filed that may include accounts receivables (A/R) as collateral. If a lien has been filed which covers A/R related to the specific Buyer, we require that secured party to execute our Lien Waiver Letter. Hyperclick will set up your organization in the system once the executed documents are received. Upon setup completion, hyperclick will notify you and your Buyer.
This selection needs to be made in the Receivables Purchase Agreement. A majority of Suppliers select the Default Discounting. Default Discounting assure that payment is received as early as possible by allowing Suppliers the convenience of receiving early payment for invoices that your Buyer submits to hyperclick (once approved) without any additional action on your part. If you select Default Discounting, your payment will be sent after hyperclick receives the Confirmed Receivables file from the Buyer. Email notification will be sent to authorized personnel. Selective Discounting requires Suppliers to access the hyperclick web-based platform in order to select and approve individual invoices for which they want to be paid. If the invoices are selected and approved before noon (12:00 p.m.) on a business day, your payment will be sent next business day. If they are selected after noon (12:00 p.m.), your payment will be sent in two (2) business days. Cut-off times may be changed with notice to you. Please contact your Client Service Representative for details.
hyperclick will initiate a lien search to identify creditors who have secured interests in your accounts receivable. If liens are found, hyperclick prepares a Lien Waiver Letter to your creditor bank requesting their agreement to relinquish security interest only in the Accounts Receivables (A/Rs) due and payable by the Buyer that Hyperclick purchases. Hyperclick cannot purchase a Supplier’s receivables until this Lien Waiver is executed.
Suppliers do not need to set up an account at hyperclick. We will send funds to the Supplier’s account at your bank via ETF.
No credit line is required. The Buyer’s favorable credit enables Suppliers to take advantage of this financing solution.
Yes, the Receivables Purchase Agreement can be terminated by either party with thirty (30) business days written notification. For the Selective Discounting option, opting out is as simple as no longer selecting invoices for discount. Required days for written notification may vary depending on the respective region. Please contact your Client Service Representative for details.

Discount Calculation

The discount charge is calculated by multiplying the invoice amount by the rate, where the rate includes the spread plus the Base Rate. This number is multiplied by the number of days from the date hyperclick purchases the invoice until the maturity date. This amount is then divided by 360 days.

Invoice x (BLR + Spread) x (Days Held by hyperclick /360days)

For example, the calculation on a RM10,000 invoice would be:


  • Spread: 3.0% p.a.
  • Cost of Fund Rate: 6.00% p.a.
  • Service fee: 0.5%
  • Buyer (obligor) approves receivable on Day 5
  • Payment term is net 90 days
  • Supplier accelerates payment by 85 days

RM10,000 (6.0% + 3.0%) x (90 days -5 days) = RM212.50 discount charge 360

This discount charge is then deducted from the invoice and the Supplier receives funds on Day 5:

RM10,000 – RM212.50 – RM50.00 = RM9,737.50 paid to Supplier on Day 5

Required Documentation

hyperclick needs to verify the Supplier’s exact legal name and incorporation to fulfill regulatory requirements. In addition, as a Supplier may not be a client of hyperclick, this aids in KYC Compliance required under the law and regulations.
No. hyperclick must have the original documentation to implement the program. As an option, you may email or fax the executed documentation to hyperclick for a review of accuracy prior to mailing the hard copy originals. Early review provides the convenience of making any necessary corrections to the documents before sending the hard copy originals. This will ensure accuracy and save time with the enrollment process.


Payment to suppliers will be made by bank account via Electronic Fund Transfer.
Supply Chain Finance payment is made by hyperclick via EFT. If you select Default Discounting, payment will be sent to you the next business day after hyperclick receives the Confirmed Receivables file from the Buyer. If you select Selective Discounting, payment will be sent to you next day after the invoices are selected and approved, as long as this occurs before noon (12:00 p.m.) local time. If the invoices are selected and approved after noon (12:00 p.m.) local time, payment will be sent to you within three (3) business days. Please note that cut-off time may be subject to change under notice to you.
If the Buyer does not submit an invoice as a confirmed receivable, the invoice is not considered part of the Supply Chain program. As a result, disputes would be between the Buyer and Supplier directly.
Supplier is not responsible for a Buyer’s nonpayment due to credit reasons or other financial inability to pay. There is recourse in the event there is a breach of representation, warranty, covenant or the terms of the Receivables Purchase Agreement.
Once your organization is set up on the hyperclick system, you will be provided with our Client Service contact information, telephone number and e-mail addresses. This information will be provided to you with a copy of the countersigned contracts. Your Relationship Manager will also be available for on-going support or inquiry.

For more information about hyperclick Supply Chain Finance Program, please contact us by sending an email to Gloria at client.service@hyperclick.com.my